April 2018 Update

On April 1, we submitted an application to History Colorado for a grant of $35,000 to begin preservation of the North London Office. The required 25% cash-match has already been pledged by the Gates Family Foundation

These funds would represent a major step towards the adaptive re-purposing of this historic building.

We are now actively seeking volunteers to help us during summer work days. If you're interested in pitching in, please contact us at

February 2018 Update

In October, 2017, we submitted an application for funding to History Colorado for $180,000 for Phase 1 of the rehabilitation of the North London Office.

On February 1, 2018, we were notified by History Colorado that funding was not approved.

We consider this a temporary setback. Two of the reviewers of our application recommended funding, while the other two did not. All of the reviewers were encouraging and gave excellent feedback and suggestions to improve our application. None of the reviewers appear to have been aware that we have secured $60,000 in matching funds from the Gates Family Foundation. 

We will re-apply to History Colorado in April for a smaller grant of $35,000. The time-frame for approval of this amount is shorter - if approved, funds would be released this summer. That would give us time to get started on work on the roof, foundation, and clean-up of the site.

Our $15,000 grant for an Historic Structure Assessment for the NoLo Mill was approved History Colorado. That work will begin as soon as weather and conditions permit.

We remain optimistic about our chances for success, and we are grateful to all of our supporters. 

December 2017 Update

We are delighted to report that NoLo has received a $15,000 grant from History Colorado (the State Historic Fund) to conduct an Historic Structure Assessment of the North London Mill!

The HSA, to be led by the architectural firm Form+Works Design Group, will commence in the summer of 2018. The historic North London Mill will be studied by architects and structural engineers in order to determine the best way forward for preservation, as well as possible strategies for repurposing the structure.

This represents the first major grant that NoLo has received from the State Historic Fund. 

October 2017 Update

The North London Mill site has been recognized by the Park County Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (PCHPAC) as a local landmark. 
The Boundary of the Historic North London Mill Site 

With historical research assistance from Christie Wright at the Park County Local History Archives and local historian Jerry Davis and research funding from the State University of New York at New Paltz, the application for landmark recognition was submitted by North London Mill Preservation, Inc. (NoLo).

Through grassroots fundraising and grants from the PCHPAC and the Alma Foundation, NoLo was able to raise $6,000 to commission an archeological site survey, conducted in August and September by Alpine Archeological Consultants of Montrose, CO to determine the scope and limits of the site.

The site was officially determined to be eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) by History Colorado, Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, on April 5, 1992. Alpine Archeological Consultant’s recent assessment of the site confirms that it should continue to be considered NRHP eligible. NoLo will pursue national landmark recognition for the site.

August Update

We are so grateful to the 35+ individuals who helped us reach our goal of $1,000 in matching funds for a donation from our friend Niles Emerick, whose employer Apple, will also match his gift. That's $3,000! Half the cost of the archeological site survey we will conduct this month in order to determine the breadth, scope, and specifics of the North London Mill site for our application for landmark status with Park County. ParkCo has also generously donated financial resources for this survey. 

We are working closely with History Colorado as we finalize our construction grant application, due October 1, to restore the North London Office for use as a year-round backcountry hut for all to enjoy. Work could begin as early as June, 2018. 

Kate and I finally got the chance to hike to the summit, and we got a great view of Lake County. Lots of pika and marmots, and the wildflowers were spectacular. Such a magical place.