The Office

A New Backcountry Hut from an Historic Mining Office...
Before - West Side - 2017

The North London Mining Office, built in 1883, once served as the office to the North London Mining Company. It was well-built, with two chimneys, plaster-on-lath walls and tongue-in-groove floors. It served as work and living quarters for mining managers and investors. NoLo is working to rehabilitate the historic building as a backcountry hut similar to those of the 10th Mountain and Summit Hut Associations. 

The exterior of the Office was completed during the summer of 2020. With a fully-funded budget of about $250,000, NoLo is working to have the Office open to the public for the winter of 2023-24. The Office will feature running water, flush toilet, solar electric, and a wood stove. Like most Colorado huts, we will provide firewood, a fully-equipped kitchen with propane cooking, and sleeping bunks and beds. 

After - Completed Exterior, 2021
Arguably the Most Important Piece of Equipment for any Backcountry Hut
Installed August, 2021

Exterior Rehabilitation in Progress, Summer, 2020

In the Summer of 2019, NoLo completed Phase 1 - 
Stabilization (foundation, framing, and sheathing).